Look what we’ve managed, guys!!!

Four blogs down!!

However, there are still (at LEAST) six to go: (the one whose icon is LITERALLY a swastika!)

Keep up the work, guys, we still have a way to go!!

Keep reblogging this, it pisses off the anti-SJW and white supremacist blogs. 

You’re stupid if you think anyone cares. lol

It’s not our blog and they’ll likely just make a new one or move on with their life outside of Tumblr. You’re the only one making a big deal about it. Everyone else is just pointing out what a hypocrite you are.

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Look what we’ve managed, guys!!!

Four blogs down!!

However, there are still (at LEAST) six to go: (the one whose icon is LITERALLY a swastika!)

Keep up the work, guys, we still have a way to go!!

And they don’t look like those specific backgrounds that mean someone set their theme to fake either!

Let’s also get rid of
while we’re at it. He’s a nasty sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, and transphobic scumwad.

logicd, nuff said.


big whiny babies that can’t tolerate differing opinions abloobloobloo

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Anonymous asked: I was digging through the notes on the corrections to that SJW cocksucker who twisted that photo of white guys helping the black guy, and there's a number of blacks saying things like "it doesn't matter because this still happened", "2 white guys compared to an entire crowd, who cares" etc. Well, if that's the case, why should anything else we do to help you today matter?

Furthermore, why should White people continue to do so if that’s how you feel? It’s ironic because people demand, as White people, we pay dues back to the Black community and other races.

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I’ve just realized how sarcastic my responses and posts have been lately…

"Oh man you sure exposed us."

"Wow, this response totally disproved everything."

"I wish antifa would stop proving me wrong…"

ovonisamja asked: Hello. I'm curious about your views and ideology. Since we live in a society that's facing a major crisis, many people react in choosing some sort of ideology and embrace or develop ideas that could solve these problems, I would like to know what made you choose nationalism? I don't know where you're from and what problems your country is facing, but do you think nationalism can solve it and how?

Well first off I live in the U.S. If you’re looking for more specifics my views more closely align with integral nationalism. Some of it is towards the bottom of the about page. I’ve become somewhat apolitical lately, not in the sense that I don’t care about nationalism but rather that I don’t pay attention to the news and political news in the U.S. There are various reasons for that but relating to my views you can read articles like National Syndicalism and Yellow Socialism on Wikipedia to get some understanding. 

…workers organizing as part of a capitalist system, forming unions which would operate in parallel with groups of businesses (a structure similar to corporatism). Workers would get a greater share of company profits through negotiation between each union and the corresponding business group. Above this would be a strong authoritarian state.

How I found nationalism is another story that’s rather long. I’m not sure if you want me to go in to it that much…

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.
― William F. Buckley Jr. (via phil0kalia)

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Well boys, I just found myself some NATZEES.

Have fun.

"Have fun"? Oh man you sure exposed us. A blog’s goal is to have the least views and internet traffic as possible so I guess you win, izhmash. Now people are going to look at my blog! :’(

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For all those who say “Race is only skin deep”


meBBE ME SUPerror I hAV white skull?!!???????

Wow, this response totally disproved everything.

Guess they were right, genetics are a lie again. Race is just made up and there are no differences at all.

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Would people take me seriously if I moved to Japan, knowing I was going to be a minority there, and then claimed I was being oppressed because most people on tv were Japanese?

Because that’s what these immigrants do.

You do realize that everyone living in America is an immigrant or the relative of immigrants. And that many minorities and their families have been here longer than many white people. I don’t understand where you are going with this.

"You’re the relative of an immigrant!"

Oh you mean like 100% of the population? What a shitty, vague argument, if you could call it that. You completely overlooked the point anyways.

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sighdrogen asked: 1. Jews are not vermin. This is indisputable. Regardless of race, religion, or anything else, a human is a human. 2. The Holocaust was intentional. I don't know what sources you're reading (and that's making the assumption you're educated on this at all, but given your simply and utterly ludicrous optimism, I think that might be a stretch), but the extermination of the Jewish (and people of other groups, such as homosexuals and others) was fully intentional and planned out.


1. wrong

2. wrong

Number 1 is actually very disputable considering that it’s an opinion (i.e. not provable or disprovable but rather is a personal viewpoint), and provided that you mean it in the colloquial sense meaning pests or parasites and not the literal sense.

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